Data Vizualisation

EB Zurich is Switzerland’s largest public institution of further education. The school commissioned internauta to make the nearly 500 classes in its course catalogue visible at a glance.

Drawing on her expertise in creative coding, Hanna Züllig designed a poster-sized printed supplement using only tables of data provided by the school and open source software developed by MIT for the visual arts.

Grouping the courses thematically, the graphic directory presents categories – such as Foreign Languages, Programming and Digital Media – as yellow fields, each sized according to the number of offerings in that area. Courses related to communication are connected with red lines, tying together the school’s motto of the EB Zurich universe.

EB Zürich

Creative Coding
Hanna Züllig

Concept, Interaction Design, Coding
Hanna Züllig, internauta

Concept, Graphic Design
Brigitte Lampert

recreate Studio

Portrait and Studio: Anne Gabriel Jürgens
App: Iris Stutz
ForumZ: Andrea Helbling, Hanna Züllig, pool Architekten
Hilti Art Foundation: Valentin Jeck

Hilti Art Foundation: Susanne Hofer